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Aspects Of The Research

This tutorial focuses on the research and it’s very important aspect friends you must have noticed that India’s share of publications in the international journal is not that much impressive despite our good quality research simply for the reason that our research publications are not properly formatted according to the international journals accepted standards for examples we have very good research efforts from Indian students but they are not recognised worldwide due to a very important factor which is lacking among the research publications that is the formatting we have all the good stuff in the research but that is not properly put to a nice format or the shape and that is why it is turned away by the international is our journal. Find out more about these aspects on Edusson.

So friends we have this research format as far as the social sciences are concerned this format is ninety percent applicable to all the disciplines with some minor changes as per the fields requirement first of all there should be a title we all know the title it is very simple but I would like to draw your attention to the process of titling like the title has to be a creative sentence kind of thing and it should be having something in it which describes the whole research publication in a single snapshot so try to make your title as creative as you can it they can be ? in it it can be in the interrogative or you can use some portmanteau that is hybrid words when you make two words then you can also use them so the idea is to use most creative sentences in the title it is said in the newspaper that the headlines are very costly to return and very dangerous to publish so simply the same is the case with the headlines of the research publication that is the phase of your research paper and around twenty thirty percent of the impression about the research is made through this title underneath you can include your name and the affiliations. Want to know how to design your research paper? Check this article.

But these names and affiliations would be put to a particular place by the research publication but nevertheless you can put them here so tattling is done and your affiliation of the name is done next comes the abstract part abstract is written once the whole research publication is prepared and it contains the meat or the gist of the research publication in 150 or 250 words as the case may be the different publications they require different word limit so if you come to this research publication this is the abstract part and see it is left justified the right one is not justified so it is the journal style so abstract is there abstract is also very important because all the publications or the conference’s need your abstract first and then they ask for the full papers then comes the keywords keywords all the tags both are the same thing keywords are a set of five six main topical words which describe your whole publication.