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Research Paper And It`s Sources

A lot of times online websites and articles will not have authors noted there so that’s fine instead of starting with your author and the works cited which is where we’re looking at right now you skip the author and you go straight into the title of the of the article here sorry it’s a …

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Research Paper Organization

I’ll sort of read through the whole thing and talk about you know do’s and don’ts as we get to them we can talk a little bit about structure and how you organize your paper along the way so I don’t think I included the title here but the paper is called what will it …

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Research Data Interpetation

You have to explain the out the interpretation of the data analysis interpretation of all the objectives serialize so that the confusion can be avoided then comes the conclusion part in the last it is conclusion this is conclusion you have to sum up your findings with some more explanation about the results and you …

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The Research Design

Some kind of model or some kind of framework developed by some other researchers we send international publications to the reported journals and they reject our publication simply because of the reason of the lack of threat achill framework so now forget to mention it in your publication then comes the research design or you …

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Finding Research Keywords

You have to find your own keywords please be careful while mentioning the keywords because these keywords would be searchable by the search engines and based upon that your paper would be selected by the search engines so the keywords are very important then you write the introduction introduction is like following the funnel approach …

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Aspects Of The Research

This tutorial focuses on the research and it’s very important aspect friends you must have noticed that India’s share of publications in the international journal is not that much impressive despite our good quality research simply for the reason that our research publications are not properly formatted according to the international journals accepted standards for …