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Finding Research Keywords

You have to find your own keywords please be careful while mentioning the keywords because these keywords would be searchable by the search engines and based upon that your paper would be selected by the search engines so the keywords are very important then you write the introduction introduction is like following the funnel approach as the funnel is very narrow at the beginning but it gradually expands so you have to first start from some basic sentences and then you have to expand upon the topic this is the introduction it should not be more than 500 words or five fifty words at best the final approach should be followed in writing the introduction part then comes your literature review as you know literature review is the review of the material which has already been published on the given area of your research so that you can come to a broad understanding about your topic. Learn more about finding keywords on Edusson.

And you do not select the objectives which are already covered by your fellow colleagues so review of literature is done please remember that the sequence of these topics mud must be as it is it is not negotiable you cannot change the sequence of the abstract keywords introduction literature review etcetera then comes the study the study mentions that why do you need this study the objectives are written underneath one two three four you have to explain the rationale of every objective here that why do you want to study this objective like the need for the present study was felt in order to determine the English newspapers undue stress on particular category of news so if I explain one objective then it will say the type of news related to the politics crime business poles etc project the focus and approach of the newspapers towards these states and UTS so you have to expand upon or the explain upon all the objectives in this then comes the limitations every research has some kind of limitations if you want to include that here then you can do that don’t be afraid of mentioning your limitations. For more apects of research, read this article.

Because no research is complete and you are living something unexplored for the next researchers so please do that then comes the heart of the research the objectives objectives are of two types broad objective and the specific objectives broad objective is just like your title of the research publication whereas the specific objectives all the research questions are the individual objectives what is the relative contribution of sources to ask categories of news what is the prominence treatment given to the categories so on and so forth so your objectives are done then comes with radical framework this theoretical framework is the main problem why Indian research publications they fail to make their mark at the international level because we have not been taught that there is something called the threat achill framework friends we must understand that our research must be based on some kind of theory.