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Research Data Interpetation

You have to explain the out the interpretation of the data analysis interpretation of all the objectives serialize so that the confusion can be avoided then comes the conclusion part in the last it is conclusion this is conclusion you have to sum up your findings with some more explanation about the results and you can compare is a the results with those results in the review of literature like you can say that these findings are they are similar to sew and surah so researchers and if they are different then you have to give an justification or the possible answer to that that why these are different and always the conclusion para ends with the sentence that more studies off this kind are recommended because difficult search is an ever-expanding process. Find out more about this process on Edusson.

So it should not stop at one point and you should write this sentence at the end of the conclusion then comes the last part or the second last yes it is note you can write anything about the research like you want to acknowledge the contribution of some of your fellow colleagues or you want to acknowledge the financial support received from some research organization or any other thing the researcher wants to write here he can write that and this is the last part references references they come in the last always follow some kind of reference style the most popular and the widely accepted is APA American Psychological Association it has to be in the alphabetical form this is the search publications if you feel that you are getting the reference from some web page and the address of the URL of the web page is very long then you can shorten this URL by going to the and then your two three lines would be saved and your you are would be shortened up to this land only and in the end you will write your abstract while going carefully through the whole research publications so that it gives a brief snapshot of the research so friends if we write our research publications this way then you will see that the chances of getting the research publication accepted they are enhanced. Read more about researches and research papers in this article.

And always be careful about the number of words like this publication has eight thousand three hundred and fifty eight words most of the research publications they limit themselves up to 8,000 only so very less words they are not good and the more than 8,000 words they are not good either they should be balanced the research publication should be from 6,000 to eight thousand words and I always recommend the researchers that they should copy this format before writing the research publication and then they should start writing from here only and then they should write the introduction here so that these steps would be there in the file and you do not have to copy and paste them again and again this way this whole family would be together.