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Research Paper And It`s Sources

A lot of times online websites and articles will not have authors noted there so that’s fine instead of starting with your author and the works cited which is where we’re looking at right now you skip the author and you go straight into the title of the of the article here sorry it’s a little bit light and getting tired so we have the title of the article should bullies be treated as criminals now becomes a little bit lengthy if you include that every single time you have to cite that that source so if she’s done up here if she’s just shortened it to criminals okay so that way they know all I need to know is she’s given me enough of a title here that I can go down and find it. Find more info on research papers and sources at Edusson.

Now if she had the word criminals in several for article titles that she was quoting from then she would have to give me a few more words but you don’t have to cite the entire thing so she’s using this because she doesn’t have an author last name why is there no page number well it’s an online source so it’s not gonna have page numbers so already we’re seeing that the way we’re citing things is given to vary depending on what kind of source it is okay how is it that a life is taken and yet no one is held truly responsible there are multiple cases similar to Phoebe’s and so far there have been no changes within our justice system some bullies have done jail time but it is because of other offenses involved with the case this has been seen in capes of rape and harassment according to suicide is the third leading cause of death for young adults and she’s citing effects so she does something really nice here according to and this is a way of introducing the quote and sort of blending the quoted material here with her own writing what we want to try to avoid is anything that looks like this we’re all we have as a sentence all by itself it’s nothing but a quotation. Here`s some info on research paper organization.

So instead she’s got this sort of tag in the front telling us where I’m she signing from now if you look at this she’s given us which in a way you know that’s part of the source but really what we’re looking for is an author last name and a page number if we don’t have that then we go to the small item inside the big item so stop bullying gov is like the website the large umbrella right and then effects is the individual page on that website so we want the small thing not the big thing okay so if she had said instead you know according to effects of whatever whatever because this is again a shortened title and we could go down to the works cited page and find it but I don’t want to waste too much time doing that.