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Research Paper Organization

I’ll sort of read through the whole thing and talk about you know do’s and don’ts as we get to them we can talk a little bit about structure and how you organize your paper along the way so I don’t think I included the title here but the paper is called what will it take and as you’ll see it’s about bullying so we’ve got an introduction as you can see if you just take a real quick look at the paper we’ve got titles for all the different sections here so kind of like the in defensive monsters essays that’s an approach that you can take and before you even start writing your paper I’m you know I kind of encourage you to do that first it’s a little bit less intimidating to write you know. Learn more on organizing your paper at Edusson.

If we look down here a twenty five hundred word essay all in one chunk and then you have to worry about transitions and all those sorts of things but sometimes if you if you break it into chunks like this or sections you have them titled when you’re writing it makes a little bit easier because all you have to say is oh I’m gonna write an introduction today and the introduction here is only like 200 words I don’t have to write the whole body today I’m just gonna write section one of the body and maybe that’s you know three or four or five paragraphs and so then writing the paper becomes a lot more manageable when you break it into into sections like that it’s not something you have to do but I do know that students have had success doing that in the past because it sort of takes the pressure off of them and when I’ve written papers I’ve done the same thing because when you sit down it’s just like holy cow how am I can write this whole thing when you break it into sections it helps the paper I think but it also helps you sort of conquer that writer’s block. If you waht to know more about research sources, check this material.

So anyway we gotta get started introduction Phoebe Prince hanged herself within her home a couple of months after being constantly bullied by fellow classmates the bullies were minors and were sentenced to prison for ten years however these teens made plea deals to only be charged with the misdemeanor and were sent to do some community service now here’s our citation now in some of the citations that we’ve done in previous papers I tell you to use the author last name and the page number and here we don’t have either of those and there are couple reasons for that so if we scroll down to the work cited page what she’s referring to is where are we Krell’s here so if you’ll notice so this is the entry that we’re looking at okay should bullies be treated as criminals we don’t have an author name here sometimes you know if we take a look this is an this is an online article right.