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The Research Design

Some kind of model or some kind of framework developed by some other researchers we send international publications to the reported journals and they reject our publication simply because of the reason of the lack of threat achill framework so now forget to mention it in your publication then comes the research design or you can call it the research methodology you will explain your research methodology supported by relevant evidences like one why do you want to conduct the content analysis of the survey research as the case may be and then comes the newspaper selection this is the content analysis of the newspapers so I have to tell about the newspapers that why i have selected the three newspapers so i will have to give the evidence or the facts which led to the selection of these newspapers like circulation on leadership etc. Find out how to do research design at Edusson.

Then comes the reference period reference period is the studies period data collection period like it was July a verse in September 2007 and you have to justify this period that why did you choose this so you can say this period while children in view of the known occurrence of any special event like election and major sports event which would have alread worsley effect in the samples quality you have to support your rational sample selection again sample selection is the justification for selecting the sample from the newspapers and it should be supported by the evidences then comes your unit of analysis unit of analysis is the smallest unit which you have to count like in this states and UT coverage news unit of analysis is the news items having the state’s name in it or the news item regarding the states and the UTS then comes your operationalizing variables or the terminology if I use this word terminology then I have to explain the definition of every term used in the objectives like political news this is the definition of the political news crime news business economy most of the times the definitions are adopted from some other researchers and we have to give the credit to that in the form of references. You need good keywords for your paper, more info here.

So these are the terminologies everything has been defined in this then hypothesis hypothesis they are as you know the assumption regarding the outcome of the possible outcome of the research so h1 h2 h3 at four and so on and so forth every objective can have one hypothesis if it is wrong supported by the evidence so there are two type of hypothesis null hypothesis which simply says that there is no significance mean difference in the total categories means place this is null hypothesis we start with the negative statement if it is so in the final in the final data analysis and the interpretation then it is a Septon otherwise it is rejected then the statistical methods statistical methods they have to be explained here that you can see percentage cost regulation chi-square one-way anova etcetera they are being employed then finding in discussions finding and discussion.